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This summer has been a busy one, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet and photograph some amazing dogs — and even a few cats! What I haven’t had much time to do, however, is write blog articles. So here’s a quick recap of some of the fantastic animals that I’ve had the incredible privilege to work with through the summer and early fall.


I met up with Bacchus on a warm day way back in July. This handsome, loving boxer was rescued by his people through the NorCal Boxer Rescue, and joins a pack of two other boxers rescued through the same group. He was a joy to work with and be around, and his new people feel lucky to have him! I’m so grateful that this stunning boy was rescued and given such a good home. Looking back at these photos now makes me wish I could give him another scratch behind the ears. Oh, I almost forgot — he’s also featured on the cover of the NCBR 2013 Calendar!


Dash the Border Collie, as you might expect, is stunningly intelligent and loyal to his person. He lives for tracking down and retrieving his orange Chuck-It ball, and never strayed far from our side while we were out shooting, even though there was no shortage of interesting things to investigate. He is easily one of the most focused dogs I’ve ever worked with, and his displays of athleticism were breathtaking to watch.

Ginny and Fiona

Ginny (top) and Fiona (bottom) were rescued by some local veterinarians when no one could afford to pay for their care. They now share a home with a third cat, Miss M, and an adorable Pibble (that can’t stand the sight of a camera) named Noodle. The B&W photo of Ginny is now featured prominently in the vets’ new building.

Becka, Amira, Kaluha, and Skye

These adorable Labs (from left: Becka, Amira, Kaluha, and Skye) are all affiliated with the CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) program, and have either been retired from service or deemed unfit to meet the extremely exacting standards set for CCI dogs, or are currently being socialized for an upcoming, more rigorous phase of training. It was a truly unique experience to meet this group of lovable dogs. They left a lasting impression on me that I won’t soon forget!

L’Ox and Rio

Rio and L’Ox (short for “Little Ox”) are a mother-son pair of Basenjis raised as part of a larger pack. Since these two show regularly and are very used to being around one another, we were able to get some pretty amazing shots of them together. I was also lucky enough to witness them chase a rabbit lure — an activity they truly love, and which showcases their incredible drive and speed.


Nellie is a Border Collie who was rescued by her current owner from an abusive and neglectful home. This sweet girl, whose session was won through a silent auction fundraiser meant to raise funds for an organization that raises awareness of violence against women, still bears some of the weight of the emotional trauma from that darker part of her life, although the time in her new home has done wonders for her, revealing the incredible loving dog underneath.


Like Bacchus, Sadie is also an alum from the NorCal Boxer Rescue. She unfortunately has dry eye in her right eye, and in an act of incredible devotion her owners had vets save her eye by transplanting a saliva gland to act as a tear duct. Combined with drops given multiple times daily, Sadie has retained vision in the afflicted eye. We got together on a scorching day in September so she could be featured in the NCBR’s 2013 Calendar. Sadly the heat kept our session very short, but I loved every minute of working with this sweet girl.


I was thrilled when I got the chance to work with Molly the Saint Bernard over the summer. We got together in a lush little green belt near her home in the morning, with Molly all freshly cleaned and groomed, ready for her big day. Little did we know that there were puddles of mud created by the sprinkler system dotted all throughout the place! It didn’t take Molly long to find one, and soon she was racing around, splattering mud all over herself and her people in a scene that was straight out of a Beethoven movie. I was astounded at how fast she could move! After we got her back home, we settled down for a more low-key portion of the session, and Molly, tired and hot from racing around during the warm morning, was more than happy to oblige.

Kaylee Greer - November 27, 2012 - 4:57 pm

The labs in the back of the car.

Get. Out. Of. Town. Right. Now. AMAZING!!!!!!! 🙂

Purple Collar Pet Photography - November 28, 2012 - 4:24 pm

Thanks, Kaylee. 🙂

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